Bitterroot Guide Pic

When you are new to an area (or thinking of moving to an area) it always pays to have access to local resources. Of course there is the internet...but it's much nicer to have all of the resources in one place.

I recently discovered the 2018 Community Resource & Relocation Guide for the Bitterroot Valley. This guide first came to me in the print booklet form. It has been a handy resource for me since I came to the area a year ago. It offers phone numbers to local post offices, newspapers, Police Departments and where to get your driver's license. 

There is even "fun" stuff like area recreation activities and local events. And for the "not so fun" stuff there is school information and healthcare. 

For the statistical minded...there is information on the different communities, community profile and climate/topography.

I just discovered all of this information is easily available is a link to the booklet.

I hope this helps!