I recently moved to the Bitterroot Valley from Northeastern Arizona. It had a similar climate, topography and lifestyle. I uprooted a 14 year real estate career to start all over…I knew nobody in the Bitterroot Valley. People thought I was crazy to make such a drastic move and to recreate a business from scratch. But I did. And I couldn’t be happier!

The question I kept getting was,”Why move?” My answer was, “Because I can!” That was the best I could come up with. I like living in the small town of Hamilton. The people are friendly and helpful. When somebody honks at you it’s because they are saying hello…not the other reason. I like knowing that Missoula is only 45 minutes away in case I need “Retail Therapy.”  Bottom line…I like knowing where my food is coming from. The Farmer’s Market (which runs from May-October) offers more food than “art”. It is organically grown with no pesticides. There are multiple farms where you can buy stuff on your way home from work (just leave your money in the cigar box…really?) I can say that I met the farmer or rancher that put the food on my table. I think that is cool!


Yes, there is the hiking, fishing and hunting that happens here, too. I am working on that. Driving around town and seeing the snow-capped mountains and rivers that run along the highway put a smile on my face. I feel less stressed out and happy to be going wherever it is I am going. At home I enjoy the deer and turkeys that roam my front and back yards. This is where I am meant to be. I recently saw a picture about how people perceived Montana…I agree with the last one…this is where I really live…pinch me!